Hawaii Engagement Photos

Hawaii engagement shoot

Excited to finally share these Hawaii engagement photos of Jullie and David! This couple is the most adventurous I’ve ever met. And so, it should be no surprise that this is only part 1! Be sure to also check out Part 2 at Garibaldi Lake! Before I mention all the details, I should say: Jullie […]

LGBT Wedding Photography Houston Texas // Western Shoot

After all the amazing and jaw dropping styled shoots I’ve been part of, I finally got to coordinate my own where the initial concept also came from me! As a photographer/videographer, I generally come in to the shoot after the concept and all designs have been set. But this time, I got to call all […]

Tips for an Awesome Photo Shoot!

So your session is coming up! Are you ready!?! If you’re like a lot of my clients, you’re probably a bit nervous. Well, here are some tips for an awesome photo shoot ! Strike a Pose! POSTURE is EVERYTHING! Guys too! Always keep in mind your back and shoulders, they can make a world of a difference […]

The Bridal Scoop 2013

It was a great honor, not just to be part of such a great event, but also to have had the chance to co-host it alongside the awesome team at Madera Estates and Ellanesque Weddings & Event Planning!! The Bridal Scoop’s debut was a great success and we very much look forward to making this […]

How should I stand?!?!?

I get this all the time during shoots and although I like variety during portrait sessions, I definitely recommend everyone know the most flattering ways of standing. This info will come in VERY handy during any events you attend or on your wedding day when every one of your guests will be taking photos of […]

Day Before Wedding Session at Madera Estates

This wedding was featured on October 15th, 2013 on Weddings in Houston! Scott & Kristin  Venue: Madera Estates Weddings & Events Makeup: Live Love Beauty This lovely couple found Madera Estates and our services before finding out they’d be moving out of state and wouldn’t be able to get married here! It was a bit unfortunate but Kristin […]