Tips for an Awesome Photo Shoot!

So your session is coming up! Are you ready!?! If you’re like a lot of my clients, you’re probably a bit nervous. Well, here are some tips for an awesome photo shoot !

Strike a Pose!

Tips for an Awesome Photo Shoot!


Guys too! Always keep in mind your back and shoulders, they can make a world of a difference on how your clothes look, to your attitude and expression, to your height and weight. Don’t underestimate the power of a straight back! 😉 Oh! And ladies, when you’ve got time, be sure to practice The Most Flattering Lady Stance.

Use your hands

Whether it be to cuddle up hugging your partner, hold hands, caress the face, run fingers thru the hair, play with the earrings, it doesn’t matter! Just know your hands are there so use them! It adds so much more to a pose and makes you appear more engaged than if they just hang by your side.

Practice … maybe a little bit

I’ll walk you thru the session but it can sometimes help if you practice a little on front of the mirror. You can practice your smile, your laugh (because it’s NOT the same as a smile), your serious (but NOT bored) face, and maybe even your “sexy face” (why not?!)

Maybe Yes

Professionally done makeup 

HUGE difference! Can’t stress this enough! I know, you’ve been doing your own make up for like… ever! And it always looks good! But a pro is a pro! They know and have the tools to enhance your beauty in a way only professionals do. Pick out an artist that’s right for your style as no two artists are the same! And please check out our Vendor Love page for my favorite artists!

Think “Color Scheme”

Instead of matching all colors, create a color scheme to compliment each other. If you need some help on this, check out our What to Wear?! Pinterest Board for guides. Scroll to the very end for samples.

One to Two Outfits

The top priority at your shoot will be to get great quality photos. While variety is important as well, you don’t want so much of your limited time to be spent changing clothes. For this reason, we recommend one to two outfits. If you’re doing two outfits, consider doing one casual and another dressy.


So you’ve found the perfect outfit and have your mind set on some awesome pair of heels. Great! Just keep in mind we may be walking a lot so it’s a good idea to bring flats or flip-flops or other comfortable shoes as we walk from location to location.

Style, Comfort, & Safety

This goes for both outfits and shoes! Be sure to keep in mind how fitting your outfit will be to your location. A tight black cocktail dress with heels may be more fitting at an urban location than at a very green park or the beach. And while gorgeous gowns can look great out in very nature-like settings, high heels to go with them may not be a good idea as they tend to dig in the soil too much. Consider bringing wedges, flat shoes, boots, or go barefoot for the shoot! If you plan on walking through tall grass, boots are the safest idea!


Scarfs, hats, hair accessories, sweaters, vests, jackets, jewelry. Gifts or jewelry from your sweetheart or loved ones are a great way to incorporate your loved ones without actually having them in the session!

Bring Props or your Furry BFF!

This is something you should mention beforehand since it’s part of creating the concept of your session and may require preparation, but if you randomly come up with something you’d like to incorporate in your session, bring it!! And pets too!! Just keep in mind that pets require special attention during sessions so planning and communicating with me prior to the session is very much recommended.

Maybe Not

Lots of very busy patterns or loud colors

These also tend to take a lot of the attention away from you and onto the clothing. The only exception is if the setting of your session consists of loud colors and patterns then you must wear them in order to stand out. Otherwise, consider textured fabrics instead of busy patterns, or bring only one clothing piece with pattern and mix it with solids. Also, consider wearing softer or deeper colors instead.

Bright whites or bright reds

Please don’t wear bright whites or bright reds. Off-whites are good (like cream or beige) but bright whites tend to reflect too much light and can become difficult to work with. Bright reds are most difficult to work with during both editing and printing. Reds also reflect strongly on light colored skins. Although the human eye tends to ignore these things, the camera can catch those red reflections on your skin all too well. The same thing happens with neon colors or bright orange or bright pink. As mentioned before, consider wearing soft or deep shades instead.

Tips for an Awesome Photo Shoot!

Most Important Tip of ALL!!!

If you’re worried, feeling stressed, or lacking confidence, it’s likely to show. So, take a deep breath, forget all the worries, be yourself, and… HAVE FUN!!! You’re in good hands 😉

So that’s it! Tips for an Awesome Photo Shoot!

Tips for an Awesome Photo Shoot! Tips for an Awesome Photo Shoot! Tips for an Awesome Photo Shoot! Tips for an Awesome Photo Shoot!