Many THANKS from us!

March is been a really awesome and exciting month! And I wish I could say that I’ve shared it all on social media. But I haven’t… Only a tiny portion has made it here. And as the excitement grows for April, I’m not sure how much more will get cut out of social media lol. But I’ll try to keep y’all in the loop and backpedal a bit when possible! Just know tho, if you don’t see me here, it’s bc I’m making things happen or taking a breather 😉
But at this very moment, I have to stop and say “thank you!”
As I’ve been dedicating myself this past couple of months to my work, my network, and my clients, the people who give me the opportunity to do what I love, I couldn’t be more grateful for their support. And sometimes I’m afraid I don’t say it enough! So if you’ve worked with me in the past (even if it was 5+ yrs ago!) or will be working with me in the future, please note, I am extremely grateful for you! And as forgetful as many know I am… the people I work with… I never forget! So THANK YOU!
While I’m at this, shout to these all stars: @clau917 @brittfeliciano @federicoalessandrogallis 📸>>> @victorwynnphotography @digloooo @robot.anderson @coffeeleaf @kerrisak
And to anyone reading this, I hope this gives you a moment to be grateful as well. If not for all that you have, then at last for all the opportunities life has given you. Knowing there’s people not too far from me without access to basic resources makes it difficult to celebrate but easier to recognize all our blessings.