Top 7 Locations for Houston Engagement Photos

A wedding is a dream of a lifetime for couples. It is the beginning of a beautiful journey together hand in hand with the foundation of trust, friendship, and commitment. It is an occasion which stays forever in your hearts. When planning for such an important event in your life, you need a trustworthy photographer to capture and store the memories forever.

If you search for “Engagement Photos Houston” on the internet, you will find that couples get their engagement photos taken in a variety of places. The location adds to the personality of their relationship.

People who are looking forward to getting married soon, make sure you search for the best Houston Engagement Photos before arriving at a conclusion. Below are the most popular and beautiful destinations that you can find here for Engagement Photos Houston.

1. Best Places in Downtown Houston:

downtown houston engagement photos location

Downtown Houston is one of the hot picks for Houston Engagement Photos. The urban landscape and the sky-reaching buildings with hints of greeneries in parks around make for great Houston Engagement Photo locations. You will be spoilt for choice with the historical buildings in the northern part of the Downtown area. Start from the beginning of Main Street and go up to Allen’s Landing Park to get a great view. The Theatre District is another top choice for Downtown Houston Engagement Photos with the beautiful Sesquicentennial Park offering a mix of architectural glamour and lush greenery.

downtown houston engagement photos location

If you want to capture the bustling city life in your photos, go for the Main Street with a range of trams and bars along your side. The pretty glowing lights at with the several high buildings around that area will be a beautiful frame for a nighttime shoot. However, beware of shooting in the Downtown area both in the day and nighttime.

2. Houston Arboretum:

arboretum houston engagement photos location

The Houston Arboretum presents the most unique balance of nature and wilderness. No wonder it is one of the most popular places to take bridal pictures in Houston. A nature sanctuary spanning 155 acres, Houston Arboretum is diverse with beautiful ponds, meadows and forest habitats. If you and your partner would love to have nature as a strong element in your shoot, we highly recommend this place.

Professional photography studios pay an annual fee of $150 to shoot in this beautiful and much in-demand location. For a one-time visit, it will cost you $125. This spot is one of the most popular choices for couples for a wedding shoot. So it is advisable that you get an annual subscription.

arboretum houston engagement photos location

3. Rice University:

rice university houston engagement photos location

Rice University is a high in-demand spot for Houston Engagement Photos. Engagement Photos Houston taken in this location have an old-school European touch to it. It is mostly crowded with photographers all the year round. So make sure you confirm your booking at least a week in advance. You will require $50 as a reservation fee along with another $50 as an annual fee. We definitely recommend this place if you have a personal connection to it!

rice university houston engagement photos location

4. North and South Boulevards:

north boulevard houston engagement photos location

Have you been eyeing that perfect shot that you have seen on Instagram or Pinterest? Chances are they have been shot in the magnificent North or South Boulevards in Houston. However, this gorgeous part of the town comes with its own set of issues that you should be wary of. The place is often too crowded with engaged couples and photographers, making it uncomfortable for the residents of the area. This has led to several confrontations between the two crowds. Don’t be nervous if a random resident comes to you asking for a permit. The place does not require any permit and you can shoot respectfully in these areas.

south boulevard houston engagement photos location

5. The Waterwall:

houston waterwall engagement photos location

The Waterwall is one of the most popular locations to get Houston Engagement Photos in the uptown part of the city. The 64-feet high wall with cascading water streams will give your wedding shot an excellent background. Being one of the iconic places to take pictures in Houston, this spot crowded with visitors from the city and around. You have to wait for your turn to get that perfect shot, but it will be worth it no doubt!

The towering oak trees in the Waterwall Park add a green touch to your photos. The Park is open from 8 am to 10 pm in the night, making it perfect to fit into your schedule. The Park administration has recently made some amendments to the fees. You will require a lofty fee of $250 to get your wedding pictures shot by a professional photographer in this area.

houston waterwall engagement photos location

6. East of Downtown Houston:

houston graffiti engagement photos location

If you are up for an urban landscape with modern art and graffiti walls, then you must hit this spot. You will find Houston Graffiti Building in this area, which caters to various tourists and city dwellers all through the week. However, to get a good backdrop of stunning murals in your photos, you must choose a daytime.

Throughout the streets leading up to Polk Street and Hutchins Street, you will find walls filled with urban murals and colorful graffiti. This place has an amazing balance of artistic expressions with a cool modern-day temperament.

houston eado engagement photos location

7. Maury Street and Lyons Avenue:

houston graffiti engagement photos location

The walls that run through Maury Street and Lyons Avenue hold the most artistic representation of urban graffiti. You can also explore this place if you would like to have an urban artistic charm to your engagement photos. Situated near the Northside area, this spot in Houston will give you an excellent area to explore and pick out places according to your liking.

Part of this area is owned by the classic Saint Arnold’s which is known for its support towards artistic endeavors. You will also find the Avis Frank Gallery in this area. If adventure is on your mind, you must give this place a visit to pick the perfect spot for your outdoor shoot.

houston graffiti engagement photos location

8. Indoor Studio Setting:

houston rental studios photos location

Do have lots of creative ideas up your sleeves for Engagement Photoshoot places in Houston? Studios give you ample independence of trying out different frames for your wedding album. You can include the fog effect, smoke bombs and confetti in your pictures inside the studio. However, please check with the studio policies before going for any implementation.

Some of the popular studios we love are Houston Warehouse Studios, 4825 Warehouse, The Houston Clock Tower and Noir Studio. The studio offers you the privacy you need without having to wait for your turn in a crowded popular spot. Of course, booking a studio will entail a fee but it will be worth it!

houston rental studios photos location

For all the aspiring photographers taking Engagement Photos:

Here is what I have learned from experience… In the ten years I’ve been doing professional photography, I’ve turned down many requests for confetti or smoke bombs outdoors. Doing so has not hindered my profession nor caused any loss in business. To those clients requesting anything that I know will create a mess, I’ve explained that I intend to keep running a sustainable business that will keep reusing these locations. But I cannot do that if I’m creating a mess for other photographers and disrespecting those locations. Alternatives can always be found! So rethink your ideas and please be considerate of our photography community.

A bonus tip for outdoor shoots:

Try to pick a time anywhere between Monday and Thursday to avoid crowds during the shoot. Also, the sunrise and sunsets make for a great lighting!

The location of your wedding photos should bring out the most significant personality traits of you as a couple. Search inside your soul and find out which of these locations resonate with you the most. The right wedding photographer will know how to bring out the best in you!