Julia Ideson Library Wedding // Kate & Josh

A library wedding is the perfect way for book lovers to celebrate their special day. Kate and Joshua chose the Julia Ideson Library to celebrate their union the same way. This Julia Ideson Library Wedding will always be a special one for me. Its not just because of the historic and elegant theme but because […]

Ama by Claudia // Boudoir Photos

Claudia and I have had the chance of taking many gorgeous intimate portraits of females. But it’s rare that we ever get to share those photos out of respect to our clients. So, this past summer, during the downtime brought on by Covid, we decided to collaborate on boudoir photos! These portraits were taken at […]

Astorian Wedding Alexis Trevor

Oh! Hey! I guess you might’ve been excited to see this Astorian wedding of Alexis & Trevor. But it turns out we accidentally removed this post while doing maintenance. But we’re still happy to share the photos! Please contact us and we’ll send you the full gallery while we get this issue fixed 😉 In […]

Madera Estates Wedding

Oh! Hey! I guess you might’ve been excited to see this wedding at Madera Estates. But it turns out we’ve removed this post. It was super old and didn’t reflect our current style anymore. Please check out our newer work like very exciting wedding from Madera Estates. If you’re still itching to see more weddings […]