Photoshop Breakdown of the 1 Year Anniversary Image

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If not for the willingness to teach of the awesome photographers I follow, I’d probably never be where I am today so I thought it would be nice to publish a breakdown of the image I created after learning so much from the wonderful Brooke Shaden!

Also, if you’re a client and don’t know much about the creative process, it’s good to see this so you can understand how much work, detail, dedication, imagination, and creativity is sometimes needed to produce the best work.

Hope you find this inspiring!!


First step was choosing the photos that would create the final image… As you can see, there’s bits and pieces I chose from each one and then used a cloud photo I took from my backyard but on a separate day

©2013 | | Photoshop Breakdown


On the left side is the original photo I started out with (which is the same as the top left image on the above collage), and on the right is the final image with the other two photos stitched on top

©2013 | | Photoshop Breakdown


Here I added the cloudy sky, cloned out the bench and pillows, and fixed up the rope. I also found a stock image of a cloud which I had to brush on very carefully to give it a smooth and more credible look. The image on the very right is what I finally used in the end

©2013 | | Photoshop Breakdown


I always knew I wanted to use warm colors so once the image was all stitched together I ran it thru several Lightroom presets. I also added several layers of textures provided by Brooke Shaden on her blog, some shadowing under the cloud to add credibility, cloned out distractions from the background and grass, and, after realizing I needed a much wider image if I was going to use it in my living room,  I added some vignetting and cloned the clouds to the side. 

©2013 | | 1 Year Anniversary Photo

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