Our 1 Year Anniversary!

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Jawaad & Aisha

What better way for a photographer to commemorate our one year anniversary than by taking a special photo!?!

After doing a CreativeLive workshop with Brook Shaden, I was inspired do this photo and I’m really happy to share this with everyone!

We’re hanging this up in our living room as a canvas print almost four feet wide on a boho chic wooden frame!! (So excited!) Many people feel uncomfortable with such large photos of themselves at home but it’s important to keep in mind that some photos are seen as works of art by your house guests… It just depends on the photo.

Fun Facts on the photo:
-Photographed by Ana Khan, my second photographer
-Final image is composed of 4 photos + 1 stock cloud image
-Dress is the same dress I wore on our wedding day at the court
-Photo taken behind my backyard!
-It was over 100 degrees outside when we took this!!

Click here to see a photoshop breakdown

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©2013 | | 1 Year Anniversary Photo

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